Always Kiss Me Goodnight

I have a little bit of a walk from the parking lot where I park at work and to my office.

The weather was beautiful this morning, just a little bit of a cool breeze before the late morning and afternoon heat sets in.

As I approach my office building, I pass two other buildings and a circular drop off zone. A red car is parked there and a young lady gets out of the driver’s side of the car. What I assume was her partner, was standing on the drivers side of the car as if he is helping her out. In kind of a hurried gesture, the young lady gets out of the car and moves toward the trunk area to get her backpack. She gets it, slams the trunk shut and moves toward the building without a word to her partner.

At this point I am almost next to them and I can see the expression on her face clearly. She looks angry. Her eyes are almost burning with fire, but also a hint of sadness.

I wonder what happened. Did they have an argument?

I think back to the times when my husband and I have had very similar situation and how it would ruin my morning until one of us would break down and apologize. The sting of disappointment, anger and hurt fills you.

I can never handle that very long. I always regret my actions.

It made me think of this quote:


It’s almost a cliché, but it is so true. You have no idea what tomorrow will bring or even the next hour. Even though you think you do, you will never really know how deep you cut the other person with your silence.

Have the conversation. Forgive.




One Drawer at the Time

On some days it is as if I wake up and realize that a week or month has gone by and I have been completely on autopilot. How did that happen? Where did time go? Did the bathroom get cleaned? Or the kitchen floor?

… and how did the kitchen drawers get that messed up?

During the school year, when our schedules get super tight and busy, this is often how I feel. Things just happen so fast and I can barely remember if I cleaned, swept or took the trash out.

Then recently I went to the dollar tree with my daughter. We did not need anything, just browsing and killing time before her dance class. I stumbled across some drawer paper and I had this sudden urge to really start purging my house. The white and gray chevron print was perfect and boy, did my kitchen drawers need it.

The the paper sat there for about a month!!!

Finally today I started putting the paper in my drawers and it felt great. Our house is really old and so is my kitchen, so I actually only have three big drawers. I got them sorted out, the paper is put in and only the  utensils that I want to keep went back in the drawers. The rest is going to the Goodwill.

Drawer by drawer and cabinet by cabinet, I will take my sanity and my house back 🙂









New Adventure

I really started blogging back in 2009. Over the years its been a really sporadic journey even though in my mind, I wanted to be a daily blogger.

As a young child and teen and even into early adulthood, I was a big into journaling; I have just always loved the writing process and putting pen to paper. It gave me an outlet to process my thoughts.

Then life happened and I slowly let it go. Still with the urge to write sometimes and still with a journal going, I do, however, find that time quickly lapses and I am left with the feeling that I want to write every day.

With blogging it has been the same way. I feel an urge to write. I don’t know what my particular topic or niche would be. I don’t know if I would stick with just one thing. I just want to write and share.

Then the dilemma; I deleted my blog! I rarely wrote, it was all over the place and over many years, so I finally hit the delete button. Now I wish I hadn’t.

So I created a new blog a little while ago. This one…

To help me along the way, I decided to join the Ultimate blog challenge. I have joined the challenge before, but I have never fully completed the challenge. I am also coming into it seven days late this time. But I am going to jump into it.


Follow along as my journey begins. I am exited to share my stories with you.




You Are Enough!

A friend of mine and I have been working on a challenge this week. It’s a small one, but nevertheless, I really had to think about it.

We both run small businesses and a struggle we sometimes face is believing that we are good enough. When things don’t go the way we had hoped in our businesses or in our lives in general, we are hardest on ourselves first. We forget that the successes and failures we have do not define who we are as people. We have the same mentor and she saw this same pattern in both of us.

At a dinner early this week, I sat next to my friend and we got to talking about this. We agreed to connect daily via text. The main focus of our challenge has been “No negative self-talk!” Initially it has not been as hard. I have been pretty good at keeping my head straight, but if I go back over this week, I have not really had a situation with life or my business that has stretched me out of my comfort zone yet and that is usually where I feel tested. I know it will come. We have a few more days and I do have a few things that will require me to step out.

My contribution to my friend has been sending her a scripture verse each day to help remind her that she is enough. That all she needs to know is that she can do all things through Christ. She has done something similar to help me. I know where to return when I feel the overwhelm setting in.

I would love to hear from you.






New Year

Hello 2017

It’s a new year and I have yet to actually write my first post. Sometimes it just takes a while to get started.

I started 2017 with a lot of thoughts about where I wanted to go this year. I have to admit, I am a total sucker for new years resolutions. I just love the idea of a fresh start and a blank slate. Well, we are almost through the month of January and here are some of the things that I am really working on this year.

During my winter break from work I began reading the book “Greater” by pastor Steven Furtick. I had no expectation other than a friend of mine who encouraged me to read it said it was a pretty easy read. What I love about the way that Furtick writes, is that you can relate. Even though he is famous for what he does and it may seem to the outsider that he has it all together, he is just a human being. He faces the same struggles, fears and issues as  we all do. He has talents and weaknesses just like us and there are things he just doesn’t know how to do.

Starting the book also made me realize that I have strayed my walk with the Lord. It’s hard for it not just to become second  nature to go to church, or pray daily, and stay in the word. For me, all of those things are true to the point where my relationship with the Lord has been just about non-existent for the past 6 month to a year. So this is where I started. Before even setting any goals for myself for the year, I made sure that I took a close look at my faith walk first. While nothing ever is perfect, at least not after only haveing done it for a half month, I can honestly say that I am doing better and I wake up with a much different outlook each morning.

So far what has worked for me is daily reading of the word. Daily or at least every other day some additional reading and I have gone back to Sunday worship, which I had not done for some time. I still have a lot of work to do. Much more, but this is a great start in the right direction for me.

What has worked for you to get your spiritual walk? Have you fallen off track and you are trying to find your way back? I’d love to hear from you below.






I want permission to feel what I am feeling!

So the election is over. We either sit with a feeling of complete relief because the candidate we voted for will be our next president, or we are in total despair, because the candidate we voted for was not elected. Whatever side you chose to support and vote for, you felt some kind of way yesterday and probably today.

I am in a unique situation because I am a permanent resident in the US. It doesn’t grant me the right to vote, but I still pay my taxes, I work, I have a family and friends here and have had for a long time now. This is my home, this is where I have chosen to build my life with my family. However, just because I did not vote, I still have ideals and a way of life that I identify with and a candidate that most personified the way I believe would be best for our country and for the people living here.

What I saw from people yesterday in the wake of the election result was both positive and negative. I watched people elated and happy and I watched people cry big tears of despair and fear. What I also unfortunately witnessed was a complete lack of compassion for other people’s feelings, whatever they may have been. I am wondering if we can come to a place where we can start to heal, hear each other out and not rub our victories or losses in each other’s faces. Can we come to a place where we don’t call each other out because we are processing our sense of loss? Can we come to a place where the “winner” reaches out to the “looser” and says “let’s go for coffee and lets talk.

I think it is still way to early, way to fresh and way too new, but I think at some point we have to come around. All of us. But until then I reserve the right to process my feelings, to express how I feel without having to apologize for that or made to feel like I am being a fool about it, just because I didn’t get my way.

God bless,



It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I am so happy that you stopped by.

I am super exited to take the plunge into blog land. Or maybe I should say re-entering blog land.

I really started blogging back in 2009 on a different blogging platform. I remember being super exited to write. I have always loved to write..

At the time we had bought our first house and had it for a little over a year. I was exited about changing it, decorating, coming up with ideas and making it our own. All of a sudden it became more of a dream that actually doing something about it.

I wanted to share all of this in my blog, but because I felt overwhelmed the blog lacked focus. I was all over the place with it and could not seem to rain it in. I wanted it to be perfect. It was not perfect. The house wasn’t, the blog was not either and my life was busy. With a husband, a young daughter, pets, a house, a full-time job, a small business at the side etc, the blog and my life became almost overwhelming to think of.

Mostly because I wanted everything to be perfect.!!

A lot has happened since then. I still have the husband, the young daughter has gotten a bit older, the pets have changed somewhat, we no longer have our own house, I still work full-time and own the small business and life is still busy.

BUT, I long to be creative and I don’t care if the blog or my life is perfect.

My hope is that I get to share my passions here. I want to  write about the things I love. Like making my house prettier on a tiny budget. Drinking coffee. My favorite outings with my daughter or great things that we do as a family. I want to share the books I read and what spoke to me.

I want to engage with you, learn from you and get to know you too.

Till next time.