Always Kiss Me Goodnight

I have a little bit of a walk from the parking lot where I park at work and to my office.

The weather was beautiful this morning, just a little bit of a cool breeze before the late morning and afternoon heat sets in.

As I approach my office building, I pass two other buildings and a circular drop off zone. A red car is parked there and a young lady gets out of the driver’s side of the car. What I assume was her partner, was standing on the drivers side of the car as if he is helping her out. In kind of a hurried gesture, the young lady gets out of the car and moves toward the trunk area to get her backpack. She gets it, slams the trunk shut and moves toward the building without a word to her partner.

At this point I am almost next to them and I can see the expression on her face clearly. She looks angry. Her eyes are almost burning with fire, but also a hint of sadness.

I wonder what happened. Did they have an argument?

I think back to the times when my husband and I have had very similar situation and how it would ruin my morning until one of us would break down and apologize. The sting of disappointment, anger and hurt fills you.

I can never handle that very long. I always regret my actions.

It made me think of this quote:


It’s almost a cliché, but it is so true. You have no idea what tomorrow will bring or even the next hour. Even though you think you do, you will never really know how deep you cut the other person with your silence.

Have the conversation. Forgive.



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