One Drawer at the Time

On some days it is as if I wake up and realize that a week or month has gone by and I have been completely on autopilot. How did that happen? Where did time go? Did the bathroom get cleaned? Or the kitchen floor?

… and how did the kitchen drawers get that messed up?

During the school year, when our schedules get super tight and busy, this is often how I feel. Things just happen so fast and I can barely remember if I cleaned, swept or took the trash out.

Then recently I went to the dollar tree with my daughter. We did not need anything, just browsing and killing time before her dance class. I stumbled across some drawer paper and I had this sudden urge to really start purging my house. The white and gray chevron print was perfect and boy, did my kitchen drawers need it.

The the paper sat there for about a month!!!

Finally today I started putting the paper in my drawers and it felt great. Our house is really old and so is my kitchen, so I actually only have three big drawers. I got them sorted out, the paper is put in and only the  utensils that I want to keep went back in the drawers. The rest is going to the Goodwill.

Drawer by drawer and cabinet by cabinet, I will take my sanity and my house back 🙂








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