New Adventure

I really started blogging back in 2009. Over the years its been a really sporadic journey even though in my mind, I wanted to be a daily blogger.

As a young child and teen and even into early adulthood, I was a big into journaling; I have just always loved the writing process and putting pen to paper. It gave me an outlet to process my thoughts.

Then life happened and I slowly let it go. Still with the urge to write sometimes and still with a journal going, I do, however, find that time quickly lapses and I am left with the feeling that I want to write every day.

With blogging it has been the same way. I feel an urge to write. I don’t know what my particular topic or niche would be. I don’t know if I would stick with just one thing. I just want to write and share.

Then the dilemma; I deleted my blog! I rarely wrote, it was all over the place and over many years, so I finally hit the delete button. Now I wish I hadn’t.

So I created a new blog a little while ago. This one…

To help me along the way, I decided to join the Ultimate blog challenge. I have joined the challenge before, but I have never fully completed the challenge. I am also coming into it seven days late this time. But I am going to jump into it.


Follow along as my journey begins. I am exited to share my stories with you.



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