I want permission to feel what I am feeling!

So the election is over. We either sit with a feeling of complete relief because the candidate we voted for will be our next president, or we are in total despair, because the candidate we voted for was not elected. Whatever side you chose to support and vote for, you felt some kind of way yesterday and probably today.

I am in a unique situation because I am a permanent resident in the US. It doesn’t grant me the right to vote, but I still pay my taxes, I work, I have a family and friends here and have had for a long time now. This is my home, this is where I have chosen to build my life with my family. However, just because I did not vote, I still have ideals and a way of life that I identify with and a candidate that most personified the way I believe would be best for our country and for the people living here.

What I saw from people yesterday in the wake of the election result was both positive and negative. I watched people elated and happy and I watched people cry big tears of despair and fear. What I also unfortunately witnessed was a complete lack of compassion for other people’s feelings, whatever they may have been. I am wondering if we can come to a place where we can start to heal, hear each other out and not rub our victories or losses in each other’s faces. Can we come to a place where we don’t call each other out because we are processing our sense of loss? Can we come to a place where the “winner” reaches out to the “looser” and says “let’s go for coffee and lets talk.

I think it is still way to early, way to fresh and way too new, but I think at some point we have to come around. All of us. But until then I reserve the right to process my feelings, to express how I feel without having to apologize for that or made to feel like I am being a fool about it, just because I didn’t get my way.

God bless,


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