It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I am so happy that you stopped by.

I am super exited to take the plunge into blog land. Or maybe I should say re-entering blog land.

I really started blogging back in 2009 on a different blogging platform. I remember being super exited to write. I have always loved to write..

At the time we had bought our first house and had it for a little over a year. I was exited about changing it, decorating, coming up with ideas and making it our own. All of a sudden it became more of a dream that actually doing something about it.

I wanted to share all of this in my blog, but because I felt overwhelmed the blog lacked focus. I was all over the place with it and could not seem to rain it in. I wanted it to be perfect. It was not perfect. The house wasn’t, the blog was not either and my life was busy. With a husband, a young daughter, pets, a house, a full-time job, a small business at the side etc, the blog and my life became almost overwhelming to think of.

Mostly because I wanted everything to be perfect.!!

A lot has happened since then. I still have the husband, the young daughter has gotten a bit older, the pets have changed somewhat, we no longer have our own house, I still work full-time and own the small business and life is still busy.

BUT, I long to be creative and I don’t care if the blog or my life is perfect.

My hope is that I get to share my passions here. I want to  write about the things I love. Like making my house prettier on a tiny budget. Drinking coffee. My favorite outings with my daughter or great things that we do as a family. I want to share the books I read and what spoke to me.

I want to engage with you, learn from you and get to know you too.

Till next time.



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